Safe Haven for Kids

Ark Crisis Child Care Center provides free, short-term care for kids whose families are in crisis.

Ark is licensed to care for children six weeks to six years old. Our mission is to keep children safe and strengthen families in stress. Ark provides free short-term child care for families in need. No emergency requests are ever denied.

Who can use Ark?

Parents and Guardians:

- Needing a natural break from their children
- Searching for a job or awaiting a first paycheck
- Looking for a place to live or moving
- Attending legal matters
- Participating in counseling sessions or
self-help groups
- Attending school with no other child care options
- Seeking permanent child care
- Experiencing illness or a death in the family
- Applying for financial aid or services at other social agencies
- Attending medical appointments
- Staying in domestic violence or homeless shelters
- Experiencing an unexpected child care dilemma


Classrooms are designed with a collection of age-appropriate materials such as educational toys, games, books, music and art. Classroom projects are specifically designed to enhance each child’s creativity, socialization skills and self-worth. All children receive loving interaction from early childhood professionals.

All breakfasts, lunches and snacks are provided for each child in our care. Formula, baby food and diapers are provided for the little ones.