Community Benefits

Your gifts make a tremendous difference in the lives of children and families.

The Ark Crisis Child Care Center was established on December 1, 1981 by the Junior Leage of Evansville, with the purpose of preventing child abuse and neglect. The concept of crisis child care centers originated on the east coast in the mid-70’s and spread across the country. There are 11 crisis care centers left in the United States, and Ark Crisis is the only emergency state-licensed child care center in Indiana.

Vanderburgh County has a higher level of abuse and neglect (24.3 children abused or neglected per every 1,000 children) than the state (16.2) and the national rate of abuse and neglect (9.7). (2015 Kids Count Data Book).

Over the past 35 years, Ark has impacted the lives of thousands of children. In the past four years, Ark served 6,733 children, providing 144,251 hours of care.  In 2015, Ark served 806 children who came from one of the area’s homeless shelters or women’s abuse shelters. Also, in 2015, Ark cared for 1681 children who were referred to Ark by the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) or Child Protective Services (CPS).

Each of those hours and visits signifies a time that a child was provided a safe haven during a time of family stress. In homes with high stress, children are at greater risk of abuse or neglect.