Board of Directors

Michael Freeman Cliff Whitehead
President Vice President
Tami Freson

Wayne Hurlock
James Godbold

Secretary Co-Treasurers

Sherri Alley
Emily Slade Manzo
Lynn Flittner Misty Seaton
Amber Anslinger Jeff Bosse
Deb Nolfi Misty Sanford
Tami Freson Sarah Dauer
Kari Akin MaNissa Lemon
Tamara Caliendo Wendy Miller
Lisa Gray Joyce Molinet

Bryan Ruder

Ashley Hollen

Emily Millsap


If you are interested in joining Ark’s Board of Directors, contact Angie Richards Cooley.

Advocacy Council

Ark Crisis Child Care Center’s Advocacy Council was established to represent the agency as recognized community leaders, increase the image if Ark within the community and build a solid donor base for the agency.

Ark is honored to recognize our community leaders who are champions of our mission and who serve on our Advocacy Council.


Vaneta Becker Gail Riecken
Brett Niemeier Paula Yarbrough
Amy Clements Cathy Gray
Marcia Stacer Kaitlin Thompson
Kelly Carlton Dr. Cindy Basinski

Mike Perry
Ronda Espenlaub

Geoff Gentil
Beth Sweeney

If you are interested in learning more about Ark’s Advocacy Council, contact Executive Director, Angie Richards Cooley, at